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I am a stay at home mother of one teen son. Married almost 25 years to a wonderful man who puts up with all my moods. I am a published writer who loves to read, crochet, cook and bake, play on the computer and spend time with my family. I'm a fan of Survivor, Big Brother, Ghost Hunters and The First 48. I love a good debate, have strong opinions and was in the convent for 2 years after graduation. I am also the survivor of two family members who committed suicide, lost my mother to prescription drug addiction, endured a childhood of anger, loneliness and abuse and lives with General Anxiety Disorder.

Scientology Agreements- Time to Stop the Madness

The General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance for Scientology states; “This Contract is my statement of my personal understanding concerning Scientology Religious tenets…” This is like asking someone take a final exam before taking the course. -How can someone just seeking … Continue reading

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Standing Up For The Anthem

Lately there has been an issue in the media that has turned a pleasant Sunday afternoon into a battleground. NFL players are “taking a knee” to protest our country’s National Anthem. Why? Because in one stanza the word “slave” appears? … Continue reading

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Pedophilia Not Just A Catholic Issue

What happened to the journalistic rule of reporting the news without bias?  Simply writing a quality article containing the facts without slant or the journalist’s personal opinions being reflected? Today, it seems that sometimes the public forum of the media … Continue reading

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The Muslim Bridge to Nowhere

There is a huge, vocal and heated debate going on right now in the media over the proposed building of a Mosque near the site of the World Trade Center. The decision to chose this spot, out of so many … Continue reading

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