Running Blindly into the Darkness

In my short, curt discussion with Reverend L’Heureux earlier he admitted that he did not know very much about Scientology. All he was concerned with was its “Religious Liberty”.

Further, he dismissed those of us who are fighting against this cult and trying to bring healing and justice to the victims of its teachings and policies.

I have had a difficult time getting this conversation out of my mind. In fact it has made me angry.

How can anyone close their eyes and decide to blindly partner with any organization or group without knowing what you are joining? How can one seriously believe that by publicly standing side by side with any group you are separated from what they stand for?

Reverend L’Heureux simply dismissed the years of former Scientologists who have spoken out about their experiences. Thousands of people over decades all with similar descriptions of abuse and deprivation. People who live in fear of retaliation, those who are living with that retaliation right now. There is video, testimony under oath, reams of documents outlining the policies and abuses seized by the FBI.

Yet he dismisses it all and labels those who are fighting as “anti-cultists”

“You gang up on a group, you make accusations, you get people to agree with those accusations, put ‘em out there so everybody does it, you know, and the accusations you are making are not really substantiated.”

The accusations are not really substantiated?

Reverend L’Heureux let’s just ignore all the activities of the Guardian’s Office, with their attempt to frame and destroy Paulette Cooper. We’ll move on from their infiltration of government offices and theft of hundreds of files. There was an FBI raid on Scientology and documents, court records and newspaper articles about it all, apparently that does not count as substantiation.

We will just set aside the violent abuse of the children sent to The Ranch that was caught on audio tape, just brush off the stories that all the survivors of that experience have shared. Surely they are all lying just to be “anti-cultists”

What about now? What about this group publicly accusing Mike Rinder of Domestic Violence? The ever changing stories they are telling along with the photographs of violent injuries?

Where those injuries came from is anyone’s guess because there is an official Police Report that contradicts what Scientology is saying and clears Rinder of any wrong-doing. There is an EMT Report that details the injuries noted from the incident in question and it, too contradicts the accusations being made. Finally, the entire incident was recorded by BBC Journalist John Sweeney and it too completely proves that Scientology is lying.

How about how Scientology snuck into Clearwater, Florida under a false name and then proceeded to set out to destroy then Mayor Gabe Cazares? Reverend, with respect there is an FBI file. Scientology went so far as to try and frame him for a hit and run. They hired a shady attorney to befriend Cazares, take on his court case and ruin it.

Are police reports and FBI files not substantiation enough?

As a leader of a Christian religion how can you support “religious liberty” for a group that has no spirituality or need for God? Even Jesus Himself stood up against the money lenders in the Temple for their greed and abuse. Was He wrong? Did they have the “religious liberty” to continue their ways?

By speaking out was Jesus just being an “anti-cultist”?

Sir, there is such an abundance of “substantiation” of the claims made against Scientology that it alone cries out from the pain of it all. Broken families, suicides, stalking, private investigators, child molestors and more.

I challenge you to look into the eyes of Miriam or Saina, both of whom were molested as children, and tell them that Scientology has the “religious liberty” to protect their pedophiles. Sit down for an hour with Mary Kahn, Amy Scobee or the Headley’s and actually hear them, then brush their pain off as “anti-cult” rhetoric.

After all, “religious liberty” is more important than actual religion, and what do thousands of people who lived it know anyway?

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Hubbard’s Policy of Using People

L. Ron Hubbard designed a policy to enable Scientology to align with, and use, legitimate groups and/or people as camouflage.

The example used in this directive is the issue of Mental Health, however it is clear that this policy is used for any situation where Scientology needs their agenda furthered but either cannot do it or will not do it themselves.

A careful read of this policy will reveal exactly what the cult is doing at this very moment with their so-called “Multi-Faith Coalition”.

The reality of this Coalition is not religious liberty. It is not to stop hate or bigotry.

The fact is that Scientology wants Leah Remini and Mike Rinder stopped at all costs and manipulating credible people into standing with them adds weight to the pressure they are placing on A&E Networks and Disney. COS is shamelessly using leaders of other faiths to add an air of respectability and solemnity to what in actuality is nothing more than one more attempt to quiet The Aftermath.

“We are the only ones in it who have clean hands and effective technology. So we have no choice but to NOISILY clean it up. That builds that much of the image. By uniting with other civic, humanitarian, and civil- and human-rights groups we can make an organized progress.”—LRH

If Scientology were seriously concerned with religious tolerance and freedom, if they were truly dedicated to the destruction of bigotry they would not be aligning themselves with The Nation of Islam. Period.

Everything that Scientology does all points directly back at Leah, Mike and The Aftermath. Their so-called “Press Conference” was in fact a protest in front of Disney Studios. Then they again protested outside of A&E’s offices.

Just like their destruction of Robert Almblad’s business deal to sell his Safe Ice Machines, COS is now doing whatever they can to attempt to destroy the funding and support of The Aftermath.

If Scientology is not targeting Remini and Rinder personally, then why do we not hear similar protests coming from them about all the shows exposing the Amish? What about Escaping Polygamy?

No, it is just Leah Remini, Mike Rinder and The Aftermath.

They have no shame in using well meaning clergy in their attempt to shore up their attack.

We need to remember that we are dealing with a cult capable of any degree of dishonesty or crime to get their way.

Here is L. Ron Hubbard’s Policy in full:


Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



For a long while we have not had an exactly stated policy on building a public image. We have just been ourselves and done our jobs and hoped some­ body would catch on. This is basically what protected us. And we should keep doing it.

But the time has come to also build a public image as an outflow publicity action.

The image is:


Note that it is dual. We will handle the first part of it first, “cleaning up the field of mental healing.” It is a dirty, inhuman, rotten field, full of graft, misappropriation, phony authoritarianism and betrayal. Because it is like this we get a backflash from it. We are the only ones in it who have clean hands and effective technology. So we have no choice but to NOISILY clean it up. That builds that much of the image. By uniting with other civic, humanitarian, and civil- and human-rights groups we can make an organized progress.

For the second part, we are already doing it to a degree. “Effectively handling mental healing on the planet” is what we are being effective in doing. But we don’t make enough public image with it. We keep building the image to Scientologists. We must study how to do it outside.

We have clean hands. We are effective. We dedicatedly do our jobs well. We must keep on doing this.

But we have to find more PUBLIC ways to SAY so.

It would also be a good policy to have two PROs. One specializes and plans to clean up the field of mental healing and grabs allied-organization support, holds committee meetings, works on crusades about it, gets close to top publishers and really scareheads the world or area about the abuses to human rights in the field.

The other PRO works to banner head the successes and the programs to effectively handle mental healing on the planet. He also gets support from allied organizations (different than human-rights attacks) like churches, and gets a crusade going for handling all the mental healing problems, not just using Scien­ tology.

In both instances you have to go civic, go outside Scientology, get support, organize committees, plot out campaigns, work for outside finance, etc.

In handling the above public image policy, you don’t announce the policy.

You use it for a guide to keep pounding variations of the same message.

The policy is expressed in community action, well press covered, not just in statements. Committee meetings, deputations, picketing, big names, events.

You figure out the story that will be written, then do it, seeing it gets covered by having the press to hand.

Make all issues hot, exciting, brutal or sensational. Go strictly circus in the type of message.

You can and must ally with real humanitarian and civil-rights groups (getting press coverage for every such contact).

You can and must approach governors, parliamentary committees, big names, big activities and get press coverage for every contact.

Scientology speakers must address groups and say the story which is to appear, not just talk about Scientology.

Plan a program, let it run awhile. The program is based on the policy which is the major target-to make that public image. When that program damps out, get a new program. It takes a while to beat a program into the public mind. They last a few months.

This is almost standard PRO work. The press prints “hard” news. Hard news is an event, a meeting, the formation of something, an attack, a campaign. It is not a statement.

You can and must seize the attention of the press in your area, not to defend Scientology, but to hammer home the above public image by forwarding crusades and campaigns that carry the message. Then providing events of your own manufacture. Then seeing they get reported in the press, on radio and TV.

Don’t defend Scientology; attack bad conditions and bad hats.

It is a dismal flub to force a parliament to consider a bill outlawing psychiatry and then provide no other event about it or press coverage. It has to be planned, targeted. You have to have other groups start talking, public meetings, a deputa­ tion to the governor.

Build up Scientology celebrities that can speak and meet the public in your area.

And in doing all this, don’t tear up the Scientology org or distract it too much or you will not have any money to do the job with. You will have lost what you’re trying to save.

PRO is an energetic, imaginative fiery-eyed function. It has to be hot-hot on getting compliance, scheduling and events.

PRO should know all about targets, dev-t, and this PL.

Scientology has been the object of enemy PRO campaigns of a professional level for years. Study if you like the stunts he pulled. How did he do it? Just by using names, connections and press. So reverse the action. Do it far better.

Our end product is a sane planet. His was a dead one. So with all the theta in our lines and purpose, Scientology PRO to the PUBLIC can be ten-thousand times as effective and worthwhile.

This public image can and must be built if this planet is to survive at all.



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Scientology: A Vicious Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I understand and respect that not everyone is a Christian and not everyone even believes in God. That is your right. I am writing this article today from a Christian standpoint because it involves a Methodist Minister. No offense is meant to anyone who chooses not to share these beliefs.

With the recent issues surrounding the alleged Murray Letters exposed on Twitter, I was both surprised and skeptical to see a new letter posted on STAND League’s blog.

This one is on STAND League letterhead and is by a Reverend L’Heureux, a United Methodist minister and Executive Director of the Queens Federation of Churches.

Given that Scientology’s credibility is -40 on the Tone Scale, I decided to check to see whether it was real or yet another forgery.

I called Reverend L’Heureux this morning and spoke to him about the letter. He said he did write it in support of COS and their right to “Religious Liberty”.

I asked him if he was aware of what Scientology actually teaches and he responded:

“I am somewhat familiar with them, but that is somewhat beside the point. They are a religious group and are entitled to exercise their faith as they see fit. And the attacks by the television programs are just unconscionable.”

I responded; “Can I ask, and I am asking you this respectfully, Sir, can I ask why you believe The Aftermath is, why do you believe that’s an attack?”

Reverend L’Heureux: “I’ve watched several of the episodes and I’m very familiar with the anti-cult movement going back to the 70’s. And this is a page out of that playbook. You gang up on a group, you make accusations, you get people to agree with those accusations, put ‘em out there so everybody does it, you know, and the accusations you are making are not really substantiated. In any event I don’t think this conversation is going to go very far. But understand I did write that letter and I stand by it.”



Here we have a Methodist Reverend who knows little to nothing about the organization he supports and defends. A man who has chosen to stand before God and act as a leader and defender of God’s Word. This Reverend, a Christian, lends his support to a cult that abuses those around them and according to Reverend L’Heureux they have every right to do so.

Not only is he siding with a heretical organization, he attacks those who are stepping up, standing up and fighting to stop it.

This is NOT what Christians are called to do.

As a Religious, Reverend L’Heureux is held to a higher standard than the laity. He chose to place himself in the position of a leader of God’s flock and defender of his faith. When he was ordained in the United Methodist Church he took a vow that said:

“Will you accept the church’s ‘order, liturgy, doctrine and discipline, defending it against all doctrines contrary to God’s Holy Word, and committing yourself to be accountable with those serving with you, and to the bishop and those who are appointed to supervise your ministry?’”

How is standing up for Scientology “defending…against all doctrines contrary to God’s Holy Word”?

Scientology tells it’s members not to take anything on Faith. God is arbitrary and ultimately not necessary. Scientology insists that IT is the only one who has the ability to save Mankind.

This is heresy and hubris at it’s highest.

It negates Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and eliminates our Salvation through His blood.

Scientology’s Founder, science fiction author, L. Ron Hubbard wrote first that Jesus did not exist. Later he changed his comment to say that Jesus was a pedophile, a “molestor of little boys”.

He wrote that God, Religion and Heaven were false implants designed to mislead humanity.

Scientology claims it is “Not something you believe in, it is something you do”. For this cult the only way for the salvation of Mankind is through their untested, unlicensed, unproven, unregulated technology. Man determines his own fate and by the precise practice of the words of Hubbard it is promised that man can gain Super Powers and become like God.

We are a family of Faith and family is sacred. Scientology holds the love of family over its members’ heads like a sword, a weapon to force compliance and obedience. This cult has placed upon itself the mantle of judgement of the hearts of men and only in complete agreement with their heresies is one accepted. When a member exercises his God given Free Will and chooses to question or even walk away from Scientology they are labeled as enemy and Suppressive and are torn from the bonds of family.

“What God has placed together, let no man tear asunder”.

Scientology destroys the bonds of parent, child, spouse and sibling.

Religion is not isolation and pain.

NO ONE has the right to inflict such abuse on anyone. This is not religion, it is control and the manipulation of God’s design for us to be individuals with Free Will.

Reverend L’Heureux insists that Scientology has the right to disseminate darkness and heresy. Rather than taking up the defense of God’s Holy Word, he has chosen to ignore everything they stand for, all the pain and harm they have inflicted and take up their cause.

We are living in dark, violent and angry times. Now is not the time to embrace those that defy God and seek to rip Him from our lives.

One simply cannot claim to be a Christian leader while standing shoulder to shoulder with a cult that denies Jesus Christ and the Salvation He bought for us through his blood.

The struggling flock look to their leaders for guidance.

Reverend L’Heureux, shall you stand up for the Church of Satan and defend their religious rights? Do the followers of Warren Jeffs have the religious right to marry and molest little girls?

Where is the line drawn that should not be crossed nor defended?

2 Peter 2:1-22 – But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

2 John 1:10 – If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into [your] house, neither bid him God speed…

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Scientology’s Little Shop of Persecution

Is Twitter CEO Scientology’s Safepoint?

Scientology is not a religion. They need their tax exemption revoked desperately. However for the sake of this article we will go with the idea that Scientology is a “Church”.

Bigotry is intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Persecution is cruel and unfair treatment of a person or group, especially because of their religious or political beliefs, or their race.

Leah, Mike and all the former Scientologists who participate in The Aftermath are people who were once a part of this pseudo religion and have chosen not to practice or embrace its belief system any longer. Each has made a religious choice for themselves and in this country that is a Constitutional Right.

It is also their Constitutional Right to speak about their beliefs and choices concerning Religion and reveal their experiences while they were in Scientology freely and without fear of persecution.

A Catholic can (and should) speak out against the Priests who molested and abused the children entrusted to their care.

Protestants can speak out if they disagree with something that is hurtful or abusive within their ranks.

The ability to address abuses, issues, matters of dogma or ritual or the need to move a Faith forward into better alignment with 21st century ideology is a positive and needed right.

Any other person, from any other religion can freely express their dissatisfaction with a particular Faith without facing harassment for it.

There is nothing wrong with a religious discussion, with one side for and the other side against a particular practice or doctrine. Open aired debates are healthy and a positive thing for growth and change.

More importantly, we have the right to speak plainly and honestly about religion, free from fear of retaliation. When something abusive or criminal occurs, speaking out is necessary and important so that the abuses are stopped and lives protected.

When Scientology placed a kiosk into the lobby of the LA Police Department an Atheist group spoke out against this dissemination of religious propaganda. The kiosk was subsequently removed, the issue made the News for a short while and then the world moved on.

Interestingly Scientology did not go on the defensive or publicly attack the offended group. There was no harassment or online bullying. Everything just quietly disappeared.

The Atheist organization exerted their right, it was acknowledged and addressed.

Case closed.

As it should be.

Had Scientology done anything else, they would have been guilty of religious intolerance for attacking a group exercising their right to religious freedom, which also includes the right not to believe in a religion at all.

The Organization left that issue alone and moved on.

Scientology has chosen however, to publicly bully and harass Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, as well as anyone who associates with them, simply because they choose not to practice the Scientology “Faith” anymore. One reason for this could very well be because they feel safe to do so.

Safe because of a mysterious relationship with CEO Jack Dorsey.

Scientology has set up their Little Shop of Persecution on Twitter where they daily push the boundaries of Policy ever further and further with apparent impunity.

The @EPStandLeague and @TarynTeutsch accounts are two of the most vocal, ugly and intolerant of the accounts. They both share two basic and indisputable facts; first, these accounts would not exist if Leah Remini and Mike Rinder were still practicing Scientology and not speaking about their experiences within the “church”.

Secondly, based upon the percentage of posts dedicated to personal attacks, name calling, accusations of criminal acts and taunting, there can be no doubt whatsoever as to the purpose of the existence of these accounts. The @TarynTeutsch account clearly spells out it’s raison d’être: Fire Mike Rinder.

Her account is filled with nothing but false accusations already and exhaustingly proven false but still it goes on in spite of report after report of Twitter Policy Violations.

These accounts are not created to engage in Social interactions. Not to discuss all things Scientology or even for the purpose of luring in new members. They are directly targeting Remini and Rinder in a daily and constant barrage of vitriol and torment solely to make them publicly look bad for no other reason than they left Scientology and are speaking out.

Because of these two things the accounts are engaging in harassment, hate, false accusations and religious persecution.

Time and again outraged twitter users have reported these accounts.

Time and again the response is a blistering silence.

Recently an activist who regularly speaks out against Scientology found herself with a 7 hour ban for making the statement that “Scientology is not a fucking religion!”

Scientology continues to accuse Leah Remini and Mike Rinder of complicity to commit murder and of “having blood on their hands” over the tragic stabbing in Australia in January.

Apparently making such serious and patently false accusations is fine as long as one doesn’t use a swear word.

Edward Parkin has flung filthy names such as “Big Pharma Whore”, “nazi”, “Goebbels”, “Hate monger” and “Wife beater” at them. He and the @TarynTeutsch account have accused Rinder of Domestic Violence of the worst kind even though time and again a Pinellas County, Florida Police Report has been posted proving his innocence of such a horrible crime.

Report after report has been filed, a petition was created with over 600 signatures, a letter was sent to Twitter Lead Counsel Vijaya Gadde begging for a Fair and impartial hearing.

All leading to absolutely nothing.

Then suddenly @EPStandLeague posted a series of smug, gloating tweets directed at Leah Remini in which he may as well have just come out and said that Twitter was on his side.

“I was alerted today that @LeahRemini has sought to suppress my first amendment right to freedom of speech by complaining that I am exposing her anti-religious hate campaign. Twitter investigated and found NO violations.”

He was alerted by whom? Twitter does not tell people who reported them.

Do they?

Apparently if you are Scientology they do.

How else does one read this statement?

Twitter is a safe place for Scientology to exercise it’s Fair Game Religious persecution against people who have chosen not to participate in Scientology anymore.

The verbal abuse heaped upon them that violates multiple Twitter policies continue unchecked.

We will leave the last word to Scientology:

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Leah Remini was a Scientologist, too.

Sometimes we forget…

Leah Remini was involved in Scientology from a young age. It shaped her whole world and everything in it. She believed, wholeheartedly that what she was doing, what she was standing up for, was right and true and for the good of all Mankind.

She wanted to help.

For her, as for many others however, Scientology began to lose it’s shine and the truth of what it is broke through. She left the Cult and tried to pick up the pieces, or more accurately tried to discover from the beginning who she is as a person and what her life is without the taint of abusive mind manipulation.

She then did a hugely brave and frightening thing. I don’t care how strong one is, what she did was an amazing act of courage and defiance.

Leah Remini stepped up and decided to start finally Clearing The Planet.

Loudly and noisily.

She could have gone on with her life. Learning to actually think for yourself, learning how to be a social being, learning how to live a life of reality and growth takes a lot of energy, dedication and focus.

We could all have seen the headlines about her departure from Scientology for a few weeks and then all moved on to the next Big Thing.

Leah Remini could have simply moved on with her own life and that would have been her right.

But she didn’t.

She chose something entirely different. Not only did she come out swinging, she came out of Scientology still instilled with the desire to do good.

To help.

So she created a television show called The Aftermath.

Together with Mike Rinder, Leah creates a safe place for others, like her, to stop and breathe and then tell their story. To finally get their say.

It started an awareness.

A movement.

People everywhere began searching and seeking. Former members found that speaking out was becoming easier and no longer relegated to private chat rooms or message boards. Those who suffered the ultimate destructive horror of molestation and rape found new support as they told their stories.

Society at large was learning about this multi million dollar conglomerate who has somehow been granted Religious Status and how it uses that status as permission to do atrocious acts.

Never Ins by the thousands started asking questions, started discovering people like Tony Ortega and Jeffrey Augustine, Marc and Claire Headley, Amy Scobee and all the others.

Leah Remini granted those who escaped from Scientology a new element of legitimacy and acceptance that they had been denied for so long.

She gave them a VOICE.

But the bottom line here is that she did not have to do any of this.

She does not owe this current dedication of her life to anyone.

What she is doing, she is doing by choice not out of obligation or duty.

And she is paying for it in spades.

Edward Parkin, OSA goons, Scientology, Miscavige; all are on her constantly. She faces the very best that Fair Game has to offer including ugly, hurtful, horrible smears by her own family members still behind the fences. To be so betrayed by a loved one alone is beyond imagination but Scientology continues to pile upon her that pain along with the responsibility of the world. She is the Priestess of Hate, Hate monger, and all the other horrible things said daily. She is responsible for the thoughts and actions of everyone in the world who dares to speak out against Scientology. It is on her shoulders that rests the responsibility for heinous crimes including shootings, arson and even murder. She is followed, harassed, stalked and maligned and she has lived this way for years.

All because she chose freely to help others.

Not only does Scientology place the weight of it’s ugliness on her back, but people all over are looking to her for help. There are many posts of people demanding of Leah “why aren’t you addressing XYZ, too?” “Leah, please, please look into XYZ!”

There is so much constant responsibility, constant blame weighed down on her shoulders it’s a wonder she isn’t a foot shorter.

What is it to live like this on a constant, daily basis? How much stress can someone continue to live under before their heart breaks?

She can stop at any time. She doesn’t have to do what she is doing.

Every new Season, every new episode is a gift not an obligation.

None of us has the right to demand anything from her. Leah Remini has a life, a career and a family.

Her life does not demand Scientology and The Aftermath.

No matter what is going on, not only are we the viewers not privy to the inner workings of what she, Mike and A&E are doing, but we are not owed that insight either. We are not entitled to demand or expect anything from her. Conversely as Citizens we are entitled to question and demand answers from our government and from law enforcement for their lack of action.

Leah is allowed to be exhausted and hurt and to make mistakes just like everyone else although it is not society’s right to decide if what she is doing is a mistake or not. We don’t like it when others judge us, especially when they have no idea what goes on in our lives.

She is not perfect or accountable because she is trying to help others.

There are many people out there who know how difficult it is to be THE person everyone around you looks to. To be The Strong One who is the one who puts out the fires, deals with the family drama, takes care of their own family as well as sorting it all out for the extended family. It is exhausting, stressful, frustrating, angering and chaotic. When you are The Strong One, that everyone else looks to, then who is The Strong One for you? Who is your soft place? There are times when The Strong One really wants to just throw up his or her hands, yell “FUCK IT, I AM OUT!” and go have a good sleep for the first time in months.

So imagine, if you can for just a moment, what Leah’s life might be like with all that plus Scientology on her back 24/7.

Then imagine all of that with the addition of people you don’t even know making demands on you.

How would you deal? Could you deal?

I’m not sure how I would react to living under such conditions.

What Scientology does to her goes way beyond bullying. It is daily, never ending ABUSE in it’s purest form.

Because we are such a media driven society it is easy to forget that even celebrities are simply people, prone to the same flaws and foibles that we all are. They are just as human as the rest of us…well with the exception of Tom Cruise who has morphed into something none of us can understand.

Whether we agree with the content of The Aftermath or not, the least we can do is give those involved with it the space to breathe while they are navigating their way through the morass that is Scientology.

Allowing Leah, Mike and everyone else from top to bottom the space to do the best they can, especially knowing where they came from, is probably the best thing we, as supporters and viewers can do.

We all need to remember that Leah and Mike are also former members of Scientology who are still dealing with their baggage and emotional damage like so many others. They need our support just as much as any other ex.

Leah was a Scientologist, too.

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The True and Ugly Face of Scientology





All these words are used by Scientology to describe themselves.

None of them apply.

This morning on twitter, Edward Parkin has decided to continue to attack and cyber bully a young man suffering from mental illness. There is absolutely nothing different between this twitter post by Parkin and someone walking up to someone on the street with any other struggle and laughing at them.

This is not what any religion anywhere would condone.

Brandon Reisdorf was abused by Scientology when they refused him the proper care and treatment he has every right to. By their actions and lack of compassion they deprived him of the dignity of having a healthy life. Refusing him the treatment he desperately needed, his condition deteriorated to the point where he lashed out.

Reisdorf cannot and should not be held accountable for his actions when in the midst of a mental health crisis. He should have been treated with care, compassion and respect long before he ended up where he did.

Leah Remini and Mike Rinder gave Reisdorf and his family a voice, a platform to explain the truth of what happened on the evening that Brandon threw a hammer through the window of a Scientology building. Brandon was very clear that he was not in any way motivated by Leah. He stated that he’d not read her book because he did not want anything further to do with Scientology at all.

Yet in spite of this statement coming straight from Brandon Reisdorf, Edward Parkin still chooses to twist the situation to make Brandon look like he was incited to a hate crime by Leah Remini.

No decent human being with even a modicum of compassion would take the mental health struggles of a young man and twist them into a weapon of hate. No one who declares they are part of any ethical, spiritual organization would knowingly, willfully and maliciously bully another person for any reason, let alone someone with a mental illness.

This morning on Edward Parkin’s Twitter account, he has photographs of Brandon Reisdorf in handcuffs, being arrested allegedly for violation of probation.

By what right does this petty, angry little man publicly shame someone like this?

Parkin posted “Brandon Reisdorf, another of @LeahRemini’s “people” arrested and returned to jail for violating his criminal restraining order. Reisdorf was convicted of a felony hate crime, while glorified in Leah Remini’s #AETV show for vandalizing the Church after making assassination threats”

This is so wrong and ugly.

The only reason Brandon was convicted of a felony hate crime was because Scientology pushed for these charges. This “Most Ethical Religion” who caused a psychotic break in a young man struggling with mental illness by their cold neglect and their uneducated, unproven, unregulated form of “treatment” turned around and used him to further their hate filled Fair Game campaign against Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

Where other true Faiths would offer forgiveness and understanding, Scientology created the situation and then ran with it.

Keep in mind that Brandon did not lash out at Leah or Mike. He directed his attention at Scientology and Miscavige. At those who had hurt him and those who continue to hurt him.

By continuing to attack and bully Brandon Reisdorf is Edward Parkin hoping for another incident? Why else would he be so focused on someone who had a break once already? Is Parkin purposely trying to force Brandon into another crisis?

If ever there was any doubt about the kind of people the Scientology Doctrines produce the way they have treated Brandon Reisdorf should clear it up completely.

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Thoughts on 60 Minutes Australia

Where is The Missing Queen?

Thanks to Tony Ortega we were able to watch the 60 Minutes Australia piece about Scientology and the missing Shelley Miscavige. The three part video can be seen here:

Whilst watching this show several things stood out that are worth looking at.

The first was when Leah Remini told the journalist Tara Brown that by simply asking a perfectly reasonable question, “where’s Shelley?” she was forced into months of Sec Checking (Security Auditing to discover what your “crimes” are).

Leah was forced into a confession situation.

This is utterly appalling.

Scientology uses such abusive mind manipulation that it’s members believe that another person has the right to order someone to bare their mind and soul. That anyone has that much control over anyone else is terrifying.

Our minds are our own. Our thoughts and memories sacrosanct. We have the right to freedom of thought and the privacy of our minds. No one should have the power to force anyone into confessing their innermost secrets.

This is not just manipulation and abuse, it is the soul rape of an individual at her very core.

Leah obviously felt she had no choice but to obey the command to submit to having her mind picked through by another. She endured months of this abuse.

All for asking a simple question.

Scientology truly believes that it has not only the right to stroll through another’s mind, but they also force their victim into confessing lies as truths just to stop the inquisition and intrusion which means they presume to think they know their victim’s mind and character more intimately and better than the person themselves.

Confession is supposed to be cathartic and healing. It is a chance for someone to say “look, I did this harmful thing and I am truly sorry for it.”

If you have ever asked another for forgiveness and was granted it you will know the feeling of having something lifted from your heart. This is what confession is supposed to be. A chance to lighten the burden on your heart and hear the words, “you are forgiven. Go in peace.”

During confession the Priest sits and listens. He does not force, pry, take notes, record the session or offer up additional transgressions for you to admit to.

You reveal what you wish, whatever it is that is most burdensome to you and that’s all. Your mind, heart and soul remain yours to protect and control.

No one should ever have the power to force anyone to submit their conscience over for another to control. No one should ever be forced into relinquishing the key to their soul to anyone else.

This is not religion it is forced control and subjugation and it is immoral and wrong.

It is exactly this kind of psychological rape that should be taken into account by law enforcement and our government concerning the health and welfare of those being held against their will in The Hole.

No right thinking, healthy adult would ever willingly choose abuse and incarceration in a filthy trailer. That there are people in Scientology who have stolen the power to control others in this way should have the rest of society outraged.

That someone can point at another and order them to bare their soul out of fear is every bit as tormenting as what those confined in The Hole are enduring.

If for no other reason Scientology needs to be stopped because of this.

Along this same line, Scientology believes that it has the right to smugly judge the rest of us simply because we do not submit to their abuse.

In the 60 Minutes segment Tara and her crew showed groups of Scientologists carrying cameras “daring to bully and harass people who dare to leave or criticize Scientology.”

Who anointed them with this power? Who do they think they are that they have this right to decide they know the character of the rest of the world? What gives them this power to approach someone on the street, shove a camera in their face and condescendingly announce “I’m investigating you on your actions against the Church of Scientology.”

You are investigating?

By what right does this person presume to this position?

By the right granted them by the IRS of the United States.

Scientology has exactly as much power as has been granted them by our government. As long as the tax exemption is in place they will always have the right to stalk, harass, bully and attempt to control how the rest of society thinks.

David Miscavige will continue to hire private investigators to follow his enemies, to use GPS tracking devices, to steal and sort through people’s trash and to outright threaten innocent people’s lives, families, and livelihoods for no other reason than he CAN.

The IRS said so.

Until Scientology is no longer protected by the shield of Religious Right, the power is theirs to wield. They have the billions of tax exempt dollars with which to beat their detractors into submission.

Scientology is doing exactly as it wishes to whomever crosses it’s path.

Because. It. Can.

Lastly Mike Rinder made a comment that is worth repeating again and again. It should be a mantra we all remember when thinking of the abuses of Scientology.

“If there is one thing that we see throughout the stories of Scientology, it’s the stories of broken families, destroyed families. People who are being forced to disconnect from other family members and that shouldn’t happen to anyone, anywhere at any time.”

Disconnection is one of the most dangerous weapons in Miscavige’s arsenal. Held over member’s heads like Poe’s pendulum it is ever swaying back and forth, ever ready to drop and cut off loved one from loved one.

Scientology is torture and control in every aspect of its existence.

We need our government to stop cowering in fear and stand up against this blight on society.

Until they revoke Scientology’s tax exemption people will continue to be tormented and abused.

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