Illegal Immigration

There are people in the debate about illegal immigration who seem to think that this problem really isn’t as big an issue as others make it out to be. Some have said that this topic is just a smokescreen to cover up the “real” problem, whatever that may be.

People are getting school supply lists right now that include supplies that the schools needs to function.

Toilet paper, copy paper etc!? Why do you think that may be? Maybe because such a lot of money had to be allocated for programs geared towards the anchor babies of illegal immigrants. There is such stress and pressure on the educational budgets on each state that while monies are allocated for the kids, there just isn’t enough to cover the enormous and growing free and reduced lunch programs for the poor- a large percentage of those poor being illegal. School districts have to provide and pay for classes in ESL as well. Our teachers are already stretched to the limit and not paid nearly enough for the important job they do!

Illegal Immigration is a serious and very REAL problem. It affects every aspect of our lives and is a HUGE contributor to the financial breaking of the back of our country. You can NOT minimize the impact that millions and millions of illegals coming here and drawing on BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars without any sort of recompense is having on our economy.

If you look at what happens when a community of thousands of illegal people need health care, for example it is staggering what happens to the local community with that kind of burden.

This is from the Wall Street Journal:

“in many ways, illegal immigration is at the nexus of two key health issues: the uninsured and ballooning costs.

Roughly half of the illegal immigrants in the U.S. don’t have health insurance, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group. Like others who can’t afford medical care, illegal immigrants tend to flock to hospital emergency rooms, which, under a 1986 law, can’t turn people away, even if they can’t pay. Emergency-room visits, where treatment costs are much higher than in clinics, jumped 32% nationally between 1996 and 2006, the latest data available.

The role illegal immigrants play in U.S. health-care costs is “one hot button that no one wants to touch,” says Stephen Zuckerman, an economist at the Urban Institute, a nonpartisan think tank in Washington.

Sutter Solano Medical Center Chief Executive Terry Glubka wasn’t looking to enter the immigration debate when she started lobbying for a clinic in 2006. She was trying to balance her hospital’s budget. Between 2000 and 2006, Solano County saw a 13.1% increase in total emergency-room visits, more than twice the state average. Nearly 80% of the visits weren’t urgent.

During 2006, the hospital had to write off $12 million in “charity care” — or services provided to low-income patients who couldn’t pay their bills. The charity helped create a $4 million budget shortfall that year.”

That is one hospital in one town that had to write off $12 million dollars in bad debt because of people who couldn’t pay. When you watch that happen year after year, in town after town and state after state that turns into billions that just vanishes, POOF! So who pays for the care that we all need? Those of us who can afford it. Those of us who do have health insurance. The health care industry has to raise the costs to compensate for the bad debt and lost income. When you go to the hospital you want the best care you can get, but MRI machines and CAT Scan machines cost money. Where do you think that money comes from?

Saying that the “real” problem is that we have a greedy congress and they caused the current economic crisis we are in is like saying: “well, rain caused the devastation in New Orleans” while ignoring the rest of the Hurricane! Illegal immigration is the hurricane here. It is costing us BILLIONS AND BILLIONS over time. Money that the states need to take care of its citizens. It is costing us our rights, too. Whatever happened to our right to protect our borders? Who said we have to let every person who comes here come in and stay?

Our country simply can NOT afford all these poor, undocumented people who come here and strain the system beyond it’s capabilities! It isn’t working. The money isn’t there! What is there is not enough to take care of legal citizens and the needs of our country as well as the rest of the world! Where the hell is it written that we have to save the planet? We are not responsible for the entire world! Yes we have a responsibility to our neighbors, to help if we can. But we can’t help anymore, for God’s sake!! Charity begins at home. If you can’t buy groceries or pay your electric bill are you going to give money to your next door neighbor? Not likely. You might feel bad, but you simply can’t do it. So why is our country expected to fiscally destroy itself over citizens of other countries? It isn’t our fault that Mexico is imploding! Go home and do something about it!! We did! We fought to be free! We shed blood, sweat and tears and it took years, but we got what we needed to be free. Now millions of criminals come here and want to benefit from our history without contributing. That is bull****. Trying to minimize the enormous impact of millions of people draining the resources of our country is also, quite frankly, bull****.

Looking the other way, trying to rationalize the issue away, or trying to cloud the issue with something else is not helping. Nor is it making the problem go away or get better. Many, many of these illegals are using Social Security numbers that are stolen. The newest problem? Thieves are stealing the numbers from children because they know that these numbers usually are not checked or monitored. By the time some of these kids are ready to buy a car their credit is ruined and no one ever even knew it was happening. Meanwhile Jose was working here on that number and sending most of his money back to Mexico to his family to live off of.

This issue can not be dismissed or minimized. Pretending that it really isn’t as bad as people think is the reason that it really is as bad as it is!!!

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Pedophilia Not Just A Catholic Issue

What happened to the journalistic rule of reporting the news without bias?  Simply writing a quality article containing the facts without slant or the journalist’s personal opinions being reflected?
Today, it seems that sometimes the public forum of the media has forgotten what it is supposed to be doing.  Instead there are news channels that have what appears to be obvious political agendas.  The personal editorial comment, once taboo for a reporter, has become status quo.  Everyone has an opinion, there are experts on everything and somewhere along the way the facts and the fallout seem to be an afterthought.
Of more concern, the media has become honed into a weapon. 
Celebrities engaged in bitter divorces use the tabloids to air their grievances and win support. 
Politicians use the airwaves to sling mud at their opponents, regardless of the truth or the morality of the issue. 
Reporters, instead of printing the facts the way it was taught in school, rush to print sensation and splash.  The “who, what, when, where and why” of something is secondary to the emotion that can be evoked.  That innocent people may become targets or victims of the scorn and rage that follow…well those are acceptable casualties.
The power of the media is immense.  Printing a story about any organization could easily lead to a swing in public opinion.  Enough bad press, for whatever reason, and the readers come to an impression of being “in the know” and informed.  Even if it isn’t the whole story.
Take the Sex Scandal in the Catholic Church.
Headline after headline proclaims the horrible crimes committed by priests.  The cover-ups by The Vatican are shouted from the rooftops.  Everywhere one looks, one is faced with the pedophilia committed by members of the Roman Catholic Church, emphasis on “Roman Catholic”.  When one thinks of a child molester, one immediately thinks “Catholic”. 
Why is that?
 There are dozens of other sex scandals in other religions but they barely get mentioned in the news. The only religion that is getting front page headlines seems to be  Catholic. There is a current headline concerning an Italian expose on Gay priests and their questionable behavior.
Reading the comments after the article, posted by the general public one sees there a HUGE anti Catholic sentiment.  People are blurring the line between a person’s faith and the sinful and wrong actions of a few members of that faith.  One poster commented: “Boycott all Catholic Businesses…”
What did the Catholic man who owns or runs the local grocery store do to deserve to lose his livelihood?
If one follows that advice then boycott all businesses owned by Baptists, too. “A woman alleges she was raped twice 13 years ago by a deacon of her church, Trinity Baptist in Concord, New Hampshire. Tina Anderson says the rapes resulted in her becoming pregnant when she was only 15.
The former deacon, Ernest Willis, has now been arrested on sexual assault charges.
Anderson also asserts that church officials, led by former pastor Chuck Phelps, covered up the crime.”(1)
Sound familiar?  But why wasn’t it splashed all over the front page of the newspapers?  Why weren’t there panels and experts called to discuss this crime on the TV news programs?
Also, Pastor Darrell Gilyard was arrested Jan. 14 for sending dirty text messages to underage girls. “Dogged for 20 years by dozens of allegations of extramarital sex with parishioners, Gilyard, 45, resigned Jan. 4 as pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, a 7,000-member mega church in Jacksonville, Fla., that he has served for 15 years. It is the fifth church position that Gilyard has been forced to resign from over charges of sexual misconduct.” (2)
Then boycott all businesses owned by Episcopalians because in the 1960s an Episcopal Deacon, James Tucker, molested students at an Episcopal school in Austin, TX. (3)
The  Lutherans aren‘t exempt, either.
“On Thursday (2004), a jury awarded nine plaintiffs a whopping $37 million in a civil suit against the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America over sexual abuse committed by the now-imprisoned Gerald Patrick Thomas Jr., the former pastor of Marshall’s Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The total church payout in settlements to Mr. Thomas’ victims is about $69 million.
This case has a depressingly familiar ring to it: Plaintiffs demonstrated that church officials knew that Mr. Thomas had a record of inappropriate behavior with boys and an interest in pornography, yet ordained him anyway.” (4)
These are but a few examples of terrible sexual predation in other organized religions, yet they have hardly been front page news.  
Based upon the how these stories are portrayed, the public in general then develops opinions about who and what Catholics are. Innocent parishioners, who love their faith and have never molested anyone are lumped in with the deviants.  “Pedophile”, “Catholic” one and the same. 
There isn’t an organized religion out there that is filled with perfect, sinless people.
There are a lot of very good, honest, God loving people in this faith who are horrified by what is going on within their Church. Yet public opinion, urged on by the way the media handles each article lays the sins of a few on the shoulders of all.
Was everyone who was a member of the PTL Club bad just because Jim Baker and his wife stole money from the church and committed adultery? They had an air conditioned dog house,(5) does that sinful, wasteful misuse of church money mean everyone in that church were horrible people? Jim cheated on his wife. Does it naturally follow that PTL members as a whole are greedy adulterers?
Anyone who abuses another person is wrong. Molesting children is it’s own type of evil. Pedophilia isn’t a teaching of the Catholic faith.  If one questions the majority of Catholics, one will find that the members abhor and are saddened by what is going on right now in their Church. When they go to church on Sunday and kneel down to worship God, lifting their hearts in praise and prayer they have NOTHING in common with the mentally disturbed sexual predators who happen to wear a Roman Collar.
What does mental illness and pedophilia have to do with the Catholic faithful? With their beliefs and their Sacraments?
Yet based upon the way the media portrays this issue, one would think that Catholics have the corner on perversion.
They don’t.
It is the power of the journalists and their writers who have created this idea and made Rome the byword for pedophilia and the butt of derision. 
The informed public all are very aware of the scandals within The Church.
What about the articles earlier referenced in this piece? 
If each of these terrible tragedies had been handled with equal gravity, the public outrage would then be focused upon the real issue; the fact that sexual predators and pedophiles are found in every walk of life. 
They are disturbed people who would hurt others no matter where they were or what they were doing. 
Prisons are filled with sexual deviants of all faiths and beliefs, some don’t believe in anything except themselves.  They are not classified as “Catholic” or “Baptist”.  They are called “Pedophiles”.
It is past time that the media develop some responsibility in their reporting practices. 
Fair and balanced portrayal of each and every event would result in the news being relayed while protecting the innocent people who are caught in the crossfire and have to live with the stigma that is propagated by biased, slanted reporting.











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The Muslim Bridge to Nowhere

There is a huge, vocal and heated debate going on right now in the media over the proposed building of a Mosque near the site of the World Trade Center.

The decision to chose this spot, out of so many other, more suitable places to build a Center for Islamic Studies and a place for Muslim worship has divided and enraged the country.

Some argue that in building a Mosque at this sacred place, the Muslim community is making a loud, triumphant statement to the rest of the country. This would be a “trophy” site. A place where the followers of Islam can come to see the devastation wrought by their radical brethren.

Others defend the decision, saying that America is a free country and the Muslims have a perfect right to build their Mosque anywhere they please.

It is undoubtedly true that the people who are going to build this Mosque have the right to do so.

The issue here is not whether Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has the right. Rather the more important issue is why this Imam is so clearly set on going ahead with this project when the rest of the country has been so clearly against such a move?

According to the American Society for Muslim Advancement’s website, a society founded by the same Imam at the center of this firestorm:

Rauf “… has dedicated his life to building bridges between Muslims and the West and is a leader in the effort to build religious pluralism and integrate Islam into modern society.”

Considering this country is embroiled in a war against radical Muslims bent upon our destruction and judging by the outpouring of anger and frustration towards this proposed Mosque, it may be early to think that the U.S is ready for “integrate Islam into modern society”.

In spite of the fact that Rauf says he desires to build bridges between Muslims and the West, he is clearly showing a complete lack of regard for the feelings of the very people to whom he says he wants to reach.

His website goes on to glowingly portray Rauf as a seeker of peace saying;

“Imam Feisal is also the architect of the Cordoba Initiative, an inter-religious blueprint for improving relations between the Muslim world and West & America.”

Just how does Imam Feisal think to achieve this goal? By shoving his religion down the throats of the grieving citizens of this country who lost loved ones on Sept 11? By erecting a Mosque, the ultimate symbol of Islam and the Middle East, right next door to the ultimate symbol of Jihad?

If Feisal Rauf really was concerned about fostering good relations between the Muslim community and the people of this country, the first thing he would take into consideration would be the feelings of the people he wants to win. The old adage; “you catch more flies with honey” is particularly apropos in this situation.

Rauf says he wants to heal the anger, yet he refuses to consider that what he is doing is fueling that very fury.

Yes, he has the right to build that Mosque anywhere he chooses.

It is ironic that he is holding onto those rights and freedoms with a chokehold at the same time that a huge contingent of his own people want to kill us and destroy them.

Imam Sulayman S. Nyang , a Muslim scholar from Howard University is quoted as saying:
“The Koran is saying to humans, this is the final guidance from your Creator, for the specific purpose of worshipping him and creating a civil society where you can live in peace with one another,”

If this is true, then perhaps Imam Rauf might reconsider where he wishes to build his Mosque. As it stands now there will be no peace between the Muslim community and the rest of this country if he stubbornly continues to disregard the deafening outcry against this plan. This is just one more affront against the people of the U.S. by Muslims.

Rauf stands to gain a great deal if he would address the pain and anger his decision is causing and graciously move this Mosque to a different, less inflammatory location. It would be a tremendous gesture of goodwill and healing on Rauf’s part. It would back his words with actions that could be understood and appreciated.

It would be, in fact, a stepping stone in that bridge he wishes to build.

As it is, there is going to be a Mosque build just blocks away from Ground Zero. In order to go to the site of the worst terrorist attack ever on American soil, one will have to pass the worshipping and gathering place of the very faith that caused such destruction, death and pain.

Imam Rauf, on your current course, you are indeed building a bridge to nowhere.

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