The Butterfly Pin

Today I thought I might take a break from all things Scientology and Taryn Teutsch and just do something light.

I hope you enjoy it.

The accused stood motionless, nothing on his face betrayed any emotion. It was this same lack of expression that had worried the attorney assigned to represent the man throughout the case. Charged with robbing an elderly woman and beating her to death, the defendant had shown nothing, even when faced with the crime photos.

The lawyer knew his client’s demeanor made the jury uncomfortable. Hell, it made him uncomfortable, faced with such a blank stare every day. Everyone in the courtroom, from the jury members to the press watched the defendant for some sign of guilt or remorse. Something would have been better than this complete lack of…anything.

Professionally, Hal knew that there was a marked lack of hard evidence against his client. The crime scene had been cleaned up by whoever the murderer was. No fingerprints, no DNA, no telltale calling card like other serial killers left. The police had been stymied and there were no leads even when a substantial reward had been offered. The most damning thing during the whole proceeding had been a witness from a nearby bar who identified David Rawlins as fleeing the scene.

Hal had been able to cast doubt on the witness’s testimony by pointing out that the witness could not be certain of anything after spending hours on a barstool.

Whoever committed this crime had been smart enough to leave no physical evidence behind. It was the same M.O. as in four other crimes that plagued the community in recent months. Hal felt confident that his client would be found not guilty. In his closing arguments, he pointed out the similarities between the serial murders, stressing the fact that anything the police had was merely circumstantial, not enough to convict.

“Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, while we sit here today arguing this case against David Rawlins, the real criminal is still out there waiting to attack again.”

That last had caused the lead detective on the case to shift uncomfortably in his seat.

As Hal walked back to his seat he glanced at David Rawlins hoping again to see some glimmer of humanity on the man’s face. There was nothing. Not once during the proceedings had the man’s expression changed.

During a break in the case Hal tried to talk to Rawlins. He explained that sitting like a lump with no emotion was not going to win him any points with the jury. Juries liked to see fear, remorse or sorrow. Anything to make them more human to them. During the entire conversation Rawlins just looked calmly at him and said nothing. Exasperated, Hal gave up. He was a lawyer, not a shrink. He wasn’t paid enough by the state to try that hard to reach the man. He had advised him on what he should be doing. If Rawlins didn’t listen there was nothing Hal could do about it.

Some clients followed his advice to the letter and others ignored him. That was the way of things.

This crime, like the others, had terrorized and brought the town together. No one walked alone anymore. Joggers and bikers organized teams, parents took turns supervising the children walking to and from school. Church services were way up, whether from fear of being alone on a Sunday morning or to pray that the murderer would be caught, the town was spending more time together.

With quiet respect, Hal had attended the memorial service for the victim along with most of the community.

In the front of the church stood a large photo of the woman. The attack had been so violent that there was no way the coffin could be left open. It showed everyone’s grandmother, small and frail with a sweet face. Alva Spence had been graced with an abundance of thick, grey hair that she wore in a coiled braid on top of her head fixed by a butterfly-shaped hairpin. She looked as though she were ready for Bingo.

Now the trial was over. The jury had only deliberated for 3 hours before notifying the judge they were ready with a verdict. During that time Hal had gone to the coffee shop next door to the courthouse where he reviewed his notes for the next case.

A young court intern found Hal and informed him that they were ready.

The jury filed in and took their seats.

The big room was totally silent but for the ticking of the clock on the wall in the back. Hal glanced behind him at Alva Spence’s granddaughter. She was pale and holding the back of the chair in front of her. Her eyes, swollen from crying, met his then she looked away.

Hal’s attention returned to the front of the courtroom. The jury foreman stood and handed over the verdict.

The bailiff approached the bench with the small slip of paper containing his client’s future.

“We the jury find the defendant… Not guilty.”

An anguished wail erupted from the back of the courtroom. Hal barely listened to the judge’s instructions as he placed his paperwork into the briefcase on the table in front of him. He knew this part by heart from long experience.

David Rawlins walked steadily from the courtroom, ignoring the victim’s sobbing granddaughter.

The sun was bright and hot after the dim coolness of the courtroom. The sounds of the traffic a calming counterpoint to the drama behind them.

They started down the stairs, and then Rawlins paused. Hal felt his mouth go dry as David’s face was suddenly lit with a huge smile and he patted Hal on the shoulder. It was the feral grin of a predator. Then Rawlins was gone.

Shaken by that horrible smile after weeks of no emotion at all, Hal looked down at himself.

His briefcase slid slowly from his trembling, numbed fingers and down the steps.

There in his lapel, glistening in the late afternoon sunlight, was a hairpin shaped like a butterfly

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Taryn, We Don’t Need Your Help


This sad, daily retweeting of your misdirected rage needs to end.

The lies have been exposed, your 15 minutes are long over.

What may, at one time, have sparked interest and even outrage by the uninformed or gullible has just become the object of ridicule and scorn.

Let it go.

Ho hum.

You see, while you are throwing your petty, unfounded tantrum there are many of us out here living in the real world who actually know what abuse is.

And most of us don’t have time for your shit.

Being so incapable of empathy you have no idea how many of us have actually lived through the nightmare of abuse. Whether domestic or child, being verbally attacked, emotionally manipulated or punched and kicked as you lay curled in the fetal position on the floor; there are thousands of us who truly understand what abuse is.

Taryn, you know nothing of abuse at the hands of a parent.

Shaken baby syndrome.


Child abuse at the hands of your father?

Your lies are an insult and a slap in the face to those who have lived it.

They diminish the real pain and fear that so many have actually endured.

I know someone who shared her story with me.

You should know what real child abuse looks like, Taryn.

A little girl, given away by her drug addicted mother to an abusive and controlling father who sees her as a mistake. Who only wanted this child so he could be the winner in the competition that he called a relationship. From the very first he made it clear to the girl that she was last in his new family. That she was there on sufferance.

She was 6 years old.

She watched from the sidelines as he laughed and played with his children by his new wife. Longing for the warmth and love he directed at them but she could never seem to earn.

Her life was filled with harsh colors.

The ice blue of his disappointed stare.

The red of his rages.

The black and blue of her bruises.

“I made a mistake and got your mother pregnant. Abortion is a sin. It was a mistake. You are my responsibility until you are 18 and then my duty is done.”


“Nothing to eat!”

Hungry, she would sneak the scraps from the dinner dishes she was made to wash. When she got caught she was called a thief and sent to the dark, unfinished basement to sit and wait.

Leaning against the dryer, the only light from the wood burning stove, she waits in the darkness.

“Please don’t let him beat me. Please don’t let him beat me.”

Her mantra.

Sometimes it worked.

Mostly it didn’t.

Down he’d come, belt in hand.

“Daddy, no, please”

He made her pull down her pants and hold on to the metal pole that supported the upper floor.

Then he’d beat her until she had the imprint of the belt on her skin while she screamed for a mother who never came.

If she loaded the dishwasher and anything came out still dirty she was made to eat from the dirty dish or cup.

Her step mother would scream at her and drag her across the kitchen floor by her hair.

Her father broke the handle of a rake over her back for not raking all the stones out of the backyard. When she was still little she sometimes wet the bed.

To stop her, her father would come into her room during the night and slap her to wake her up to go use the bathroom. He sent her to school with a black eye once because of this.

At the time he had her in therapy. When the school asked about the black eye he lied about it so they contacted her therapist who confronted him about it. He finally admitted that he had punched her because she hadn’t awakened fast enough for him.

Finally he lied and had the girl locked up in a psychiatric institution.

Just because he didn’t want her in his home.

She was molested while there with no one to protect her.

There is so much more to this story, Taryn but perhaps you get the picture?

That is if every shred of humanity and morals haven’t been audited out of your cold, dishonest soul.

But you know what? The abuse isn’t even the point.

While you spend your days ranting over something that never even happened, using your fiction as a crutch and as an excuse for your completely inexcusable actions, WE go on.

The many of us who actually survived our nightmares picked ourselves up, faced the world and moved on.

It affects us. We carry it with us always.

But we don’t allow it to rule our lives.

We have lives.

WE are the strong ones.

WE are survivors.

Women who have worn bruises from the men in their lives.

Who know what it is to cry silently in the night from pain, fear and despair.

You make a mockery of every bruise that every person, man or woman, has hidden.

Your pretense at representing us sickens us.

WE do not need your kind of help.

Abuse is not something you put on like a scarf for attention.

It isn’t a tool for your revenge.

You are weak and selfish, frozen in one place by a lie while we live with the truth and thrive.

Every word you speak, every video you post is a disservice to every one of us who get up every single day and LIVE.

I know this note means nothing to you. I know you are incapable of feeling for anyone else.

Scientology and parental alienation has made you a shell of competent compliance and unyielding obedience.

Your rage is your dagger and shield which, childlike you use to lash out in blindness.

You are afraid, Taryn.

Afraid of the truth of your life, such as it is.

We embrace our truths, understanding that though we suffered the dregs, we are strong and resilient and can look at the world with clarity.

It’s over Taryn so stop.

You’ve spewed your lies and lost.

We don’t need your “help”.

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The Maddening Lack Of Repercussions For Framing A Man

“Now look what you made me do!”

“This never would have happened if you were a better…”

“If you ever try and leave me, I will kill you!”

The domestic abuser uses manipulation, control and violence to turn their victim’s life into a nightmare of pain, confusion, fear and tears.

It is a life of darkness.

Violent deeds done behind closed doors, lives lived in the shadow of shame and desperation, the black and blue of bruises both on the flesh as well as on the soul.

Children huddled in their rooms listening to the anger and screaming wondering if it is somehow their fault.

Many who suffer at the hands of their significant other do so in silence for years. Hiding bruises, making excuses and blaming themselves for the abuse.

For decades the victims of domestic abuse have had no protection, no one to advocate for them.

No one to help them break free from the cycle of violence.

Fear is the driving force.

Fear of ridicule, of not being believed, of being on the streets with no support, of further violence in revenge for speaking out, of losing children.

In recent years, however, as more and more light has been shed on this terrible epidemic, great strides have been made both with education and with laws to foster a safer environment for those seeking help.

There is still a long way to go, more needs to be done to protect victims and their children from the abusers but progress has been made. It is many steps in the right direction with many more to go.

Love does not hurt. There is never a reason or excuse for violence, for beating the person you claim to love.

For those who are in an abusive relationship; none of this is your fault. You do not deserve to be physically and verbally abused. If someone in your life is belittling you, constantly finding fault, calling you names or putting their hands on you in rage please know that you are not alone, you do not deserve this and there is safety and help out there.

Please reach out and save your life, you matter.

Call the Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or reach out to them at

While domestic abuse is a chilling and tragic epidemic, there is a flip side that is also serious and potentially life altering for those involved.

Knowing the gravity with which allegations of assault are taken by law enforcement and the courts, there are some who selfishly choose to use claims of Domestic Abuse as a weapon of revenge against the innocent.

False accusations of abuse can have a ripple effect for the accused. Friends and family are left hurt, confused and stunned that someone they know and love could be accused of such a crime. The stress, anger and isolation the victim endures affects not only the person in question but his relationships and working environment as well.

Financially it puts a strain on the person’s wallet as they attempt to defend themselves.

Sadly that defense is not always successful and then the innocent person finds themselves punished for a crime they did not commit. When facing a judge and given only two options of pleading to a lesser charge or gearing up for an expensive and time consuming trial to clear their name, many opt to take the punishment for the lesser charge. This leaves the person with a record of domestic violence which can impact the rest of their life.

According to SAVE Services out of Rockville, MD in it’s 2010 Arrest Policies for Domestic Violence it is estimated that 700,000 persons each year are wrongfully arrested on charges of domestic violence.

Because of the seriousness of the issue laws enacted to protect the victims of Domestic Violence also, unfortunately make it easier for those who want to exploit the system.

For example, a woman in a pending divorce and custody situation can easily obtain a restraining order against her estranged husband by claiming abuse. These orders are considered emergency orders so the accused party has no opportunity to appear before a magistrate and plead his case. Once in place, the accused then finds himself handicapped in the courtroom during the Divorce and custody hearing, fighting the stigma of an abuser, preemptively punished for a crime he did not commit.

Some states have taken away the officer’s discretion when it come to DV calls. Instead of allowing the officer to weigh the evidence and decide whether or not an arrest should take place mandatory arrests have been instituted instead.

“One California-based officer voiced strong criticism of his state’s arrest laws:

They also removed arrest decisions from the responding officer and we repeatedly had to arrest the man, whose only crime was physically repelling the woman attacking him. In the hundreds of domestic violence phone calls, perhaps 90% to 95% were false, yet I saw children’s and men’s lives destroyed irrevocably due to vindictive, greedy, spoiled, mentally imbalanced, and/or drug-infested women perverting the judicial system.”

—Domestic violence from an ex-cop’s perspective. San Diego Union-Tribune, April 15, 2006.

The toll on a person who is falsely accused of domestic violence is immense emotionally, physically and financially.

The effects of falsely accusing someone of abuse has far reaching secondary consequences as well.

There is a disinclination to follow up and prosecute the person making the false claim because of the fear it will scare true victims of domestic abuse and keep them from coming forward for help.

This lack of consequences for lying to the court adds extra incentive for those who want to use the pain and despair of others as a tool to further their own agendas.

The people who decide to make these allegations take no time to consider the cost their lies extract from their victim and from other innocents. There is no care or concern for the children involved who have to watch from the sidelines as their parent is maligned. There are no second thoughts for the damaged reputation, the possible loss of a career and what that may mean to the victim’s new family if one exists. How will parents care for themselves and their children with no health insurance? Will they still be able to afford the roof over their heads? One single, ugly lie can destroy the lives of not only the target but those around him as well.

Does the accuser just consider the other innocents harmed by her lies collateral damage and acceptable in her private, selfish war?

Apparently so.

Taryn Teutsch, her mother and Scientology have made false allegations of Domestic Violence against Mike Rinder.

In this case there was an investigation and Rinder was not charged nor found culpable in the incident his ex wife created.

The EMT report and the police report both put paid to the various colorful, dramatic stories that have been told by Cathy Bernadini and her daughter, Taryn.

Still, they persist in their endeavor to have Rinder’s life destroyed.

Taryn, obviously the victim of another heinous form of abuse, Parental Alienation, is so caught up in her mother’s fantasy and need for revenge she has hijacked the honest, caring people and groups who are truly dedicated to the needs of those caught in the riptide of domestic abuse.

She claims that she is committed to helping women. She claims that her mission is to help make a difference and change laws so that abusers can face justice.

However one look at her blog and one sees post after post dedicated to destroying her father’s reputation, having him fired and even seeking to have a registry created for those who commit DV and having his name added for life.

This is no small thing she and her mother are doing.

At this point most people are aware of the truth of this case. The daily retweeting of the same old comments with nothing new to add lends the situation an air of “been there, done that”.

But shouldn’t there be some sort of outrage?

Not only are Taryn and Cathy publicly and falsely calling an innocent man a domestic abuser but they have hitched their wagon to honest, serious groups and people in order to lend an air of legitimacy and credibility to the lies they are telling.

And no one is speaking up for the truth. No one is stepping up and saying “enough is enough!”

No one is publicly taking a stand and stating that Taryn does not speak for them nor is she affiliated. There is no public distancing of anyone Teutsch has dragged into her campaign of false accusations against an innocent person.

Mike Rinder’s only crime was to escape from his own terrible version of abuse and seek to reclaim his life. As in so many divorce cases, he has moved on with a new wife and another child.

Facing a double dose of hate in the form of an angry ex and a cult known for going to any length to destroy its so called enemies, Rinder is being mauled.

Domestic violence is not OK.

Neither is falsely accusing someone of it.

There is no lesser of two evils here, both are abuse, both are devastating and both destroy lives.

Taryn is demanding that Disney fire Mike Rinder.

In light of the irrefutable evidence, wouldn’t a statement by Disney show that this family oriented company cares enough to speak against this kind of character assassination?

Where is the physician who treated Cathy Bernadini’s injury a year after the fact? He may be bound by HIPPA law but surely he can speak to the medical information already released publicly?

More importantly, where are the people whose photographs are all over Teutsch’s Twitter page and blog?

Surely they do not wish to be shown hand in hand with someone so obviously, blatantly and maliciously lying? The fact that Taryn Teutsch and her mother have fabricated a false story of assault to frame a man should be troubling to those who have been shown supporting Taryn.

With the public airing of the EMT report revealing the truth of the injuries, and the various News and blog posts picking the entire incident apart, Teutsch’s troubling lack of honesty and credibility could easily reflect back on her so called supporters.

There is a devastating lack of attention being given to someone falsely accusing an innocent man of violently abusing a woman.

Domestic violence must absolutely be exposed, addressed and eradicated. No one should ever have to live such a life.

At the same time no one should be allowed to make the allegation of abuse falsely for no other reason than to destroy another’s life.

There should be serious repercussions for such a deception done with such obvious malice and forethought.

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The Eighth Dynamic

Definition of god

1 capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: such as
a : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe
b Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind

Scientology definition of Thetan

“The thetan is the source of all creation and life itself. It becomes fully apparent for the first time in Man’s experience that the spirit is immortal and possessed of capabilities well in excess of those hitherto predicted.” -from

“First there is the body itself. The body is the organized physical composition or substance of Man, whether living or dead. It is not the being himself.
Next, there is the mind, which consists essentially of pictures.
Finally, and most importantly, there is the thetan. The thetan is not a thing. It is the creator of things.”

Scientology used to claim it was:

thus a religion in the most traditional sense of the term. Scientology helps Man become more aware of his own spiritual nature and that of those around him, and, hence, more aware of God.
Scientology carries forward a religious tradition extending ten thousand years and embraces truths found in the oldest sacred texts of the Hindu Veda and the wisdom of Buddhism.
Scientology holds in common with all great religions the dream of peace on Earth and salvation for Man. What is new about Scientology is that it offers a precise path for bringing about spiritual improvement in the here and now and a way to accomplish it with absolute certainty.”

In spite of claims to the contrary, Scientology began existence as Dianetics, a “science of the mind”. Filled with unproven research, rambling techno babble and bogus science, the author clearly stated that this new way was not a religion.
After the initial interest began to wane, Hubbard began looking into a way to revive it, turn it into a money making corporation and have it protected from close scrutiny by the government.
And so The Church of Scientology was born.
But one cannot simply walk into the IRS office and announce it is a religion, there needs to BE religion of some sort first.
One needs a spirituality, some sort of Belief system that the members can hold in common.
To this end Scientology developed a pseudo doctrine known as The Eight Dynamics.
Scientology is master of double speak. The long, convoluted explanations and contradictory statements leave one mired in confusion to the point where one is just as happy to give up and give in rather than try and untangle the knotted mess. Even in verbal debate, the Scientologist is taught to twist and deflect so as to avoid the issue at hand. No valid question is answered, rather the Scientologist begins turning the conversation back on the questioner until, frustrated and blocked he gives up.

So confusing is the so called spiritual beliefs of Scientology that not even their own members are clear on what they believe.
During a conversation with one Scientologist, she stated that she did not believe in God and had no spiritual beliefs. She insisted that Scientology had spiritual beliefs, but she did not have any. When pressed she became increasingly defensive and frustrated and said that her questioner should look up the definition of “Spiritual” and to familiarize himself with the Eight Dynamics.
Of the eight, it is the last two that, taken together, truly put paid to the impression of any true religion.

“The Seventh Dynamic is the SPIRITUAL DYNAMIC.

“This is the urge to survive as spiritual beings or the urge for life itself to survive. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the Seventh Dynamic. It includes one’s beingness, the ability to create, the ability to cause survival or to survive, the ability to destroy or pretend to be destroyed. A subheading of this dynamic is ideas and concepts and the desire to survive through these. The Seventh Dynamic is life source. This is separate from the physical universe and is the source of life itself. Thus, there is an effort for the survival of life source.”

The Seventh Dynamic, by definition then is the Thetan. Scientology claims that the Thetan is “the source of all creation and life itself”. The Seventh Dynamic states it is the urge to survive as spiritual beings. As Scientology separates the body from the Thetan and asserts that the Seventh Dynamic is separate from the physical universe, that leaves, per definition the life source or the Thetan.

The Eighth Dynamic is the urge toward existence as INFINITY.

“The Eighth Dynamic also is commonly called God, the Supreme Being or Creator, but it is correctly defined as infinity. It actually embraces the allness of all. (Author’s note; God is referred to as The Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End.)
That is why, according to L. Ron Hubbard, ‘when the Seventh Dynamic is reached in its entirety, one will only then discover the true Eighth Dynamic.’”-From Scientology’s website

The Seventh Dynamic is the urge for the Thetan to continue, to survive. One postulates that this refers to becoming an Operating Thetan which then has the ability to “go exterior” or to leave the MEST body at will and to manipulate the physical world purely with the super powers of the Thetan or “possessed of capabilities well in excess of those hitherto predicted.” —

“The mind accumulates recordings of thoughts, conclusions, decisions, observations and perceptions of a thetan throughout its existence. The thetan uses its mind in the handling of life and the physical universe. The body (including the brain) is the thetan’s communication center. It is a physical object, not the being itself.” –

Based upon the definition, the 8th dynamic is in fact the Thetan. Not any Supreme Being or God outside of the individual. It is the “source of all creation and life itself.”
It has already been established that Scientology considers the Thetan “The Creator” and that it is immortal, which indicates infinite existence.
The explanation given is that once one achieves the Seventh Dynamic, the urge to survive as spiritual beings or become an Operating Thetan (The Seventh Dynamic is life source, and the source of all life is the Thetan) then one will discover “the true Eighth Dynamic”.

For COS the true Eighth Dynamic then is that the Thetan is, in fact, God.

This “narcisstheistic” (to coin a phrase) belief fits extremely well with Scientology as a whole. It’s teachings and policies are isolating and not geared toward family or community. Members keep friendship and the support it may offer at bay with Knowledge Reports on one another, families are kept separate in the SeaOrg, thus denying the strength and comfort of solid familial relationships. Children are seen and treated as adults in small bodies so loving, nurturing foundations are removed. Paranoia is rampant, anyone not of a like mind is seen as an enemy to be attacked. The policies of Fair Game and Disconnection alone show the depth of enmity towards community.
In all, ultimately the Scientologist has no one to trust or rely upon but himself and Scientology.

It’s spiritual doctrine of The Eight Dynamics is simply a rambling, dressed up explanation that there is no God but Thetan.
David Miscavige must have at some point recently realized that aligning Scientology with traditional religion was a mistake. The above quoted paragraph that used to be on their website has now been replaced with; “Scientology is something one does, not something one believes in.”
No Faith.
Nothing one believes in.
No God but man.
Unrecognizable as any religion but fits very nicely as an unregulated, untaxed conglomerate cult.



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The Woman Who Cried Wolf

(Or the Many Tales of Wounded Woe…)

“Then one day she approached him on a public street in Florida. Instead of listening to what she had to tell him about their son’s illness, he physically attacked her, shredding her arm and twisting it to where it popped like a broken toothpick. Worked up into an uncontrollable rage, Rinder repeatedly screamed at Cathy, calling her a “—— bitch” to her face. She vividly recalls hearing her bones crack as he twisted her arm.

‘All of a sudden he lashed out,’ Cathy recalled. ‘He came straight up to me and he grabbed my arms in a crisscross vice and started pulling and pushing my arms down and he was pulling my bones out of the socket. I could hear my bones creaking and I would start screaming for him to let go and as soon as I started screaming for him to let go, he did it harder, jerked me down tight. His hands and arms are far bigger than mine and with a lot of force he yanked my shoulder, my collar bone and whatever else. He had keys in his hands by his thumb that was pressing my right arm and it actually put a hole in my arm. When he moved his arm away he ripped it.’

Cathy endured extensive physical therapy, but may never regain the full use and motion of her arm again. As her doctor wrote, “The forearm external would heal (with a scar), but Cathy’s shoulder did not recover and it was evident there could be nerve damage.”


“Rinder’s brother, Andrew, flew all the way from Australia to accompany Rinder’s former wife, Cathy, and their daughter, in one effort to contact him. But upon seeing them, Rinder reacted with such hatred that he physically attacked Cathy, gouging and stripping the flesh from her arms so severely it caused nerve that is still healing almost a year later, and dislocating her shoulder, an injury that required surgery to repair. Andrew returned to Australia with a near-broken finger from his attempt to aid his sister-in-law.”

What happened was the whole arm swelled, and I ended up having to go to a specialist in L.A. to get put on the antibiotics and I go on antibiotics, etc. So that was the visible, gory part, and I couldn’t move my shoulder or my arm and it really, really hurt. And I had this pain in my back, which I later found out, so I did go to the doctor, a specialist, and he tried, you know he knew there was something wrong here because my shoulder blade is now no longer even with the other one. It got pulled down and over permanently, permanently stuck there. And I could feel that. I could feel all of this. And he tried various things. He was giving me steroid shots to see if that would handle it and finally after an MRI he saw a bone break near the achromiam [SIC] and the bone had sort of cracked over and was jabbed into my arm bone which was why I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because it was being, and he said there [SIC] isn’t any other option but surgery, remove the bone. My collarbone had been dislocated. So then I went through this whole cycle of getting surgery which was completely debilitating and when I was done I was pretty much paralyzed.”

—Transcript from video posted on @TarynTeutsch Twitter account

Patient states was grabbed forcefully by husband by R forearm

—From EMT report made on scene

“His wife twice traveled to see him in the hopes he would come to his senses. The first time Rinder did not want to see her (he will tell you otherwise but that doesn’t change the facts). The second time, she traveled with his daughter and brother (who flew in from Australia) and Rinder’s “welcome” was a physical attack that left his brother injured and his wife, the mother of his children, in the care of paramedics. She sustained nerve damage to her arm, that was still healing almost two years later, with a dislocated shoulder that required surgery to repair.”

“Bernardini was no match for her beefy husband, whose hands, she says, are “twice as big as mine.” Weeks after the incident her left forearm still showed blotchy red abrasions turning black and blue, and her right forearm, showed red-clawed flesh. She was under the care of a dermatologist for months while the wounds healed and ultimately required corrective shoulder surgery.”

“Based on the information I received during the investigation it appears that Michael was intentionally followed to the doctor’s office and confronted either due to his departure from the Church of Scientology or his desire to break his ties with his family. Although Catherine did receive an abrasion on her arm the injury was likely caused during incidental contact while Michael was attempting to move away from the group rather than an intentional battery.”

Pinellas County Police Report

Based upon the various iterations by Cathy Bernadini April 23, 2010 was a bloodbath.

Ripped, shredded, clawed skin.

Twisted, broken bones.

A dislocated collarbone.

Paralysis and nerve damage.

These horrifying injuries sound like something one might sustain in a car accident or, indeed from a terrible assault.

The problem is that these injuries are a mystery. Their origin uncertain.

First, this incident took place in front of a Doctor’s office.

The ruckus moved from the parking lot into the waiting room where the Doctor and owner of the facility confronted the group of angry people bent on intimidating Mike Rinder. This medical professional notes blood on Cathy Bernadini’s arm and calls an ambulance as well as the police.

Surely as a doctor she would have begun to stabilize Bernadini had her condition been serious?

With broken bones, shredded skin and a dislocated collarbone, would not the doctor have had Bernadini at least sit down so she wouldn’t pass out from the pain?

The EMTs arrived and noted that Bernadini was ambulatory. On the pain scale she said her pain was 2 out of 10. The EMTs observed a “minor skin tear” to her right arm and bandaged it. She denied any further treatment and refused to go to the hospital. Bernadini signed the Refusal of Treatment form.

She was subsequently interviewed by the Police Officer on the scene. In the police report there is no mention of the various, serious injuries described by Bernadini, Taryn Teutsch and Scientology after the fact. She does accuse Mike Rinder of grabbing her but the investigating officer dismisses her story as well as dismissing the story that the group just happened to come across Rinder by accident. The officer notes in the report that there was “an abrasion”.


As in one.

He concludes from the witnesses’ interviews that Bernadini’s injury was most likely a result of incidental contact.

There were no charges filed nor arrests made and the case was closed.

So where did the subsequent injuries come from?

There are photographs of injuries to both arms.

Where did the second bloody injury on her left arm come from?

What about the shoulder injury?

Could it be possible that Bernadini had a pre existing condition to her shoulder that had nothing to do with the April 2010 incident?

She went to Dr. Bell a year after the incident. How does one live for a year with a dislocated collarbone? Had there truly been bones broken in April of 2010, how could she have endured the pain day after day?

Wouldn’t the broken bones have healed improperly?

Regardless of all the claims made afterwards the police investigated and then closed the case from April 23, 2010.

There is enough evidence available for right thinking people to come to the conclusion that there is a huge discrepancy between what the professionals who are legally obligated to tell the truth and document all evidence discovered and the stories thrown about in the years since by Scientology.

Based upon the evidence and the lack of charges Mike Rinder is innocent.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding this situation but one thing is certain, with all the discrepancies in the Bernadini/Teutsch/Scientology tales, that unhappy trio has done more to prove to the world that Fair Game is alive and well than anything else that could have happened.

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An Open Letter Dr. James A. Bell M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. James Bell M.D., Ph.D.

Desert Orthopedics


As you are most probably aware, there is a very public, ugly, ongoing campaign by Taryn Teutsch and her mother, your patient, Cathy Bernadini to damage the reputation of Mike Rinder.

It is understood that you were told that Mr. Rinder assaulted Ms. Bernadini and you had, at that time, no reason not to believe her.

However as more and more irrefutable proof of her false accusation against her former husband becomes available and the transparent agenda of Scientology Fair Game tactics become clearer as they strive to smear his character, destroy his reputation and ruin his livelihood there comes a time for Truth.

Ms. Teutsch has posted both video of you and a letter signed by you on Twitter, using your position as a respected Physician to lend credibility and legitimacy to the claims of Domestic Abuse by Mike Rinder.

Ms. Teutsch claims that you intimate that Mr. Rinder’s actions in 2010 are the cause of Ms. Bernadini’s shoulder condition. Her editing of subtitles for the video she has posted and reposted lead one to believe that you are medically supporting the claims of Domestic Abuse against him.

Sir, when one examines the EMT report from the day of the injury one sees that there was only one injury mentioned, that of a minor skin tear. She rated her pain level at 2 and refused transport to hospital, signing the refusal form with her right hand. There was no mention at that time of any shoulder dislocation, which she later claims. No mention of any broken or twisted bones, which she also claims. Not even mention of any second abrasion on her left arm that surely would have been noticed by the EMTs.

Indeed, a little online research reveals claims of many differing injuries, none of which were witnessed by either the EMTs on scene nor the investigating officer who also only mentions “a skin abrasion on her right arm” in his report.

The police officer, after interviewing all involved with this altercation, not only determined no crime or assault had been committed, but stated that the injury Ms. Bernadini sustained was most likely due to “incidental contact” as she and six other angry, threatening, screaming people surrounded Mr. Rinder, took his keys away and attempted to keep him from removing himself from the situation.

Domestic abuse is a serious issue. Those who suffer from the isolation, anger and violence live lives of fear and hopelessness. The work being done by legitimate organizations to bring safety and hope to those who have had to suffer in silence for so long along with hard won tougher laws are huge steps forward. By aligning themselves with these groups in order to further their own selfish agenda, fueled and supported by a cult known for protecting sexual predators, Teutsch, Bernadini and Scientology are risking setting back the progress that has been made for safety and change.

It is understood that you are bound by HIPPA law not to reveal or discuss patient information without their consent. However in this instance the injury and your medical diagnosis has already been publicly released by the patient and her daughter.

As a Physician you took an oath to do no harm. Should this oath not also include preventing the destruction of a man’s reputation and the potential ruin of his livelihood when you have been so unfortunately placed in the middle of the controversy? You are being used to justify, legitimize and lend credence to a public accusation of violent Domestic Abuse.

The letter, signed by you, that is posted on Twitter states:

“In April 2011 I prescribed an MRI which showed bursitis and tendinitis and showed a significant hook on her acromion which caused impingement.”

In the video posted, Cathy Bernadini states:

“What happened was the whole arm swelled, and I ended up having to go to a specialist in L.A. to get put on the antibiotics and I go on antibiotics, etc. So that was the visible, gory part, and I couldn’t move my shoulder or my arm and it really, really hurt. And I had this pain in my back, which I later found out, so I did go to the doctor, a specialist, and he tried, you know he knew there was something wrong here because my shoulder blade is now no longer even with the other one. It got pulled down and over permanently, permanently stuck there. And I could feel that. I could feel all of this. And he tried various things. He was giving me steroid shots to see if that would handle it and finally after an MRI he saw a bone break near the achromiam [SIC] and the bone had sort of cracked over and was jabbed into my arm bone which was why I couldn’t move. I couldn’t move because it was being, and he said there [SIC] isn’t any other option but surgery, remove the bone. My collarbone had been dislocated. So then I went through this whole cycle of getting surgery which was completely debilitating and when I was done I was pretty much paralyzed.”

Dr. Bell, an innocent man’s life is being disrupted by the false allegations made against him of Domestic Abuse. A statement from you concerning the truth would put an end to this campaign of Fair Game against Mike Rinder once and for all. Understood that there may be some concern over the tactics used by Scientology against those they deem enemies and this concern is no small thing.

However there is a movement right now, begun by the show Scientology: The Aftermath, and continued by many strong, courageous people who speak for the Truth. The Scientology Fair Game policy is well known and documented and must not be allowed to control and bully the rest of society.

Mike Rinder’s only crime is that he escaped from a dark and dangerous cult that engages in the very behaviour seen in this situation.

Please for the sake of the Truth, you Doctor, hold the key to end this stressful, trying horrible attack on Mike Rinder and ultimately his wife and child.

Please find it within you to address this medical condition which is being used against a man who has not been charged with any crime.

Thank you

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Paul Haggis and Scientology’s Dark Track Record

Scientology’s Fair Game policy. The ultimate response from a paranoid cult in which it decides one is an enemy and then lashes out in ruthless, violent, even criminal behavior.

“The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to: suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty … this Policy Letter extends to suppressive non-Scientology wives and husbands and parents, or other family members or hostile groups or even close friends.”

Operation Snow White.

Where members of the Cult of Scientology infiltrated U.S. government offices and proceeded to steal documents by the thousands. Mary Sue Hubbard was sent to prison for her part but her loving husband ran and hid like the coward he was, leaving his wife holding the bag.

Operation Dynamite.

Where Scientology engaged in a campaign of terror against one woman, Paulette Cooper. Forging threatening letters on her own stationary containing her fingerprints, they sent the incriminating papers to themselves and notified the authorities.

They almost succeeded in framing her and sending her to prison. The only thing that saved her was a timely raid on the cult by the F.B.I. and the discovery of proof beyond doubt that she was completely innocent. It was subsequently discovered that there was even talk of assassinating her.

The 2010 Fair Game attack on Mike Rinder in Clearwater, Florida. Where seven people, including private investigators, hunted him down and surrounded him screaming and cursing while he was in his car at a doctor’s office. Currently there is an ongoing campaign of rage and lies being run by Rinder’s own daughter against him.

Scientology has proven time and again that it has absolutely no scruples, that there is no line it will not cross in order to ruin, vilify and destroy anyone who crosses them. After all, this is what their founder, L. Ron Hubbard taught. Destroy your perceived enemies at any cost and in any way even if you must manufacture something to obtain the end result.

This is a cult of deception.

A cult of paranoia and anger and contradiction.

It is an organization that thrives in the shadows and embraces the darkness.

With every person who blows and begins to reveal their stories to the light, Scientology creates an equal and opposite reaction of hate propaganda designed to inflict as much harm as possible.

Websites claiming the person was somehow less than the ideal Scientologist, was kicked out (You can’t quit! You’re fired!), was guilty of some felony within Scientology or some equally serious crimes outside of it.

Leah Remini was accused of making death threats towards members of COS, she had to endure the pain of watching family members speak against her and suffer the loss of friendships.

Mike Rinder has had his garbage stolen, his home placed under video surveillance, and been accused of Domestic Violence.

People who have come forward and revealed childhoods filled with sexual abuse have found themselves the subject of hate speech on social media and had scathing untrue comments made about them by Scientology.

Every single person who has left Scientology is a liar, a criminal of some sort.

Scientology is never in the wrong.

Deny, deflect, attack and lie.

“Don’t ever defend. Always attack. Find or manufacture enough threat against them to sue for peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person’s repute and to discredit them so thoroughly they will be ostracized.”

—Michael J. Flynn vs Lafayette Ron Hubbard (7 September 1983)

“Find or manufacture enough threat against them…”

This is the doctrine of the Cult of Scientology.

This organization that demands to be seen as a religion seeks to destroy the reputations of anyone who speaks out against their abuses.

Even to plotting an assassination.

This most ethical of religions plays with the truth like a child plays with modeling clay, molding and shaping it as the fancy takes them.

For 30+ years multiple award winning writer and director Paul Haggis was part of Scientology. Like the other celebrities within it’s fold, COS was proud to have him as a member. He was featured on the cover of their magazine and moved in their elite circle at the Celebrity Center. Small things nagged at him about the teachings he encountered but were easily excused away. Members are taught that any problems one may have are the fault of the individual not the material.

So Paul went along through the years, building a highly successful career with his talent, drive and intelligence. The same intelligence and drive that led him to question some of what he was encountering in his so called church.

It all finally came to a head in 2009 when faced with either remaining loyal to an organization that was homophobic or to be true to himself and speak out.

He chose…wisely.

Haggis confronted Scientology on the stance it took concerning California’s Prop 8 as well as the bold faced lie concerning Disconnection, which is still alive and well today, that he called them on when they denied it was policy. Realizing he could no longer live with nor trust in such an organization he resigned.

Suddenly Paul Haggis was given his very own Scientology website, joining the ranks of other high profile former members.

COS claims that Haggis had not been a Scientologist “for decades”. If this is true, then why bother with him resigning at all? Why send nine upper level members to him personally to order him to tear up his resignation letter and go out quietly?

If he had not been in Scientology for decades, then why feature him on the cover of their magazine Celebrity, along with a feature article and interview with him?

On the smear site it says:

“What subsequently arrives in the email account of the Scientology spokesperson is Haggis’s resignation from the Church of Scientology. That he had not been active in the Church for more than three full decades raises the question: How do you “resign” from something you were never a member of to begin with?

It all centered on an empty controversy Haggis invented surrounding California’s Proposition 8, the same-sex marriage referendum put to voters in 2008. In a series of posturing emails earlier sent to a Scientology spokesperson, he insisted the Church take a public stance on the issue, or else…

Of course, Haggis well knew the Church never engages in any kind of election activities. Moreover, it’s inclusive and does not discriminate against anyone based on sexual orientation.”

The Church never engages in any kind of election activities?


In 2004, Volume 8, issue 2 of Scientology’s Freedom Magazine featured a large, colorful spread blasting Proposition 63, proclaiming “Vote No on Prop 63, A billion dollar mistake!”

They further produced a mass-mailing that: “contained a photo of a Columbine High School victim and the warning that the initiative would benefit the “same psycho-pharma racket whose proliferation of mind-altering, violence-inducing drugs on our schoolchildren in recent decades has fueled the explosion of school violence fatalities.” -

Also, it must be pointed out that Paul Haggis was featured on the cover of Celebrity Magazine during the time he was Executive Producer of the sitcom The Facts of Life.

Haggis wrote for the show from 1982-1986. He was then Executive Producer for 24 episodes from 1985-1986.

Haggis was born in 1953 and left Scientology in 2009 at age 56 at which time Scientology says he had not been a member of COS for (more than) three decades. That would put him back to 1979.

1979 was before he was Executive Producer of The Facts of Life by 6 years. Unless Scientology’s much vaunted tech includes a time machine, he was still not only a practicing member of Scientology well past what they are claiming, but in good enough standing to have been featured on the cover of their magazine.

But what is a little truth when one is intent on Fair Game?

Currently Paul Haggis has found himself the target of several allegations of rape.

Popping up just in time to ride on the wave of the #MeToo movement and the sickening and horrifying stories of sexual abuse coming out of Hollywood it has painted Haggis as another player in the powerful elite’s dark secrets.

However this particular case has some points that leave one wondering and are worth considering.

Haggis’ first accuser attempted to get $9 million from him before she filed anything with the court. Further, at the time of her alleged rape, Haggis was fresh from back surgery and was in a brace, leaving the likelihood of him being able to overpower a healthy young woman and engage in the activity she describes suspect.

His other three accusers have chosen to remain anonymous and have denied any connection with Scientology.

One cannot help but think back to how smoothly members of Scientology work secretly behind the scenes to obtain an objective. How many people went undetected for so long, working in government offices while stealing files.

How did scientology get Paulette Cooper’s diary? Her personal stationery?

What about the incident in 2005 where a man named “Mark Webber” contacted Haggis stating he was from Time Magazine and requesting an interview? Some digging discovered that “Mark Webber” did not exist and the email was traced back to a Scientology owned address.

Sneaky, dishonest, underhanded.

Willing to plot an assassination.

No one can truly know for sure at this juncture what the truth really is behind these accusations.

However one cannot but help wondering, given the situation and the track record of Scientology.

In this case, it may well be prudent to refrain from judgment and keep an open mind given the proven lengths Scientology is willing to go to extract revenge from those who have blown.

Rape is a serious and horrible thing for anyone to endure. Anyone who takes such violent advantage of another person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However one should also remember that there are also those who, for whatever reason, make these terrible accusations against someone who actually is innocent.

There are many different motivations for such a horrible lie but no justification for it.

The jury is still out on this case, but perhaps we might just give Haggis the benefit of the doubt and wait to see the evidence.

Whenever Scientology is part of the picture one must be cautious and consider all parts of the picture.

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